Saturday 13 May 2017

Salute miniatures painted up

 I did get a collection from Salute of bits and bobs I wanted and here is so far what i finished off this week. All painted using Foundry and GW paints with my wet pallet 
 Crooked Dice big monkey well i have quite a collection of apes and he had to join bice  charcter mini.
 Lost worlds  reptile men for Fenris games games great miniatures
 Bombshell babe cave girl again to dd to my large cave girl collection a nice solid exact miniature
 A must from Hasslefree  dedicated to my old long gone friend Bengi still missed a lot
 Another Hasslefree miniature great add to the cave en collection I think ill call her "Bart"
And well a must superb  miniature from Hasslefree again , perfect sculpt

Friday 5 May 2017

Stormcast Vanguard Raptors

 Been using my AOS Stormcast Army down at the local games club and enjoyed a lot the games , I added some more firepower in these Vanguard  Raptor shooters along with the Atherwings, huge miniatures , fun to paint. used GW, foundry paint and my wet pallet.