Friday 29 May 2009

Green men,space zombies & the Dr

More from my collection my green men multi part miniatures from the 1980's I designed them and believe there's not many about?, the zombies of the stratosphere are form Mr pulp Murch collection of amazing creations and the good Dr and his evil gang of misfits also form Mr Murch and some other companies...

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Zorgls & Starkillers

finished my miniatures from the Newark partisan convention, ERMS Golgo island Zorgls and Pig iron miniatures troopers with West wind WW2 paratrooper heads for my own Star killers elite unit, painted and finished using the wonderful army painter wash, more Zorgls I think and some characters for my Star killers next time.

Sunday 24 May 2009

Newark Partizan May 2009

Returned form Newark today had a good time at the convention, as always it was good to se some old friends and have a chat, spent again on things one must have, some nice display games and took pictures i hope of everyone's game there. I was well attended and crowded very much in certain area's, always my favorite venue and the state of the hobby was well represented and some fine products and bits for all.

The Perry's had some of their plastic Napoleonic in-battle with flashing gun fire superb, the kallistra trench system looks very good when out and is one to think about. I was impressed with very British civil war game and there display, bough the source book to read and see what takes my fancy. West winds Andy and Wendy always a delight to chat with and Tony at ERM is a call i have to make. the pictures are not in any order but I hope give some views to those who could not attend, the lighting in the building does things to photos as we all know..

Great show..

Saturday 23 May 2009

Some art of mine

Cover for the two hour wargames rules 5150, and the winning picture from an intenet contest.

Friday 22 May 2009

Starkillers Una Tye & Wild

These two are some of my characters brought to digital life and are frequent guests on my art pages.
The miniatures are conversions and are 28mm....


welcome to my blog i hope to post some pic's and notes on things here to do with my hobbies and pastimes, wargames, miniatures , fantasy art, and other things that come to mind