Thursday 16 December 2021

Twilight play test game


Finished off my two factions for the  Twilight World of Anyaral game world, read the rules and got the desired bits and bobs to play, it uses activation counters and combat stones, so some thing new to try.

My factions are the Dhougu and the Engu, both very different in types and I pointed up about 300 to make a even game size. I laid out a simple table  of a village in the waste lands and the Dhougu had to get from one corner to the other , the Engu trying to stop them, the  activation counters I reduced to four a side and the two combat ones, each stone activating who side it represents, I like this a lot and some thing that spurned me to get the rules,. The leader of the Dhougu Tar Sirahn and his party of huge Yartain's and mercenary's faced the Engu lead by Cren Baak and his tribe. Very different stat lines and I was interested to see the game play in the works.

My battle board 3x3 terrain by battle systems. The turn counters made the game very fast and flowing. The Dhogh split with Tak moving through the village with his Yartain  allies and  Dravu Rya and his companion Ora Chey. the Engu split to intercept each group  Cren and his beast Tahela flanking to meet Dravu, the command radius and  rules make moving very fast and again fluid. the huge Yartain with there pups saw the oncoming Engu hunters and  ran to meet them. Ora was jumped by the Tahela but Dravu and  him combined slew the monster only for Cren to dispatch Dravu then even aided by a Yartain pup kill poor Ora. the Engu hunters crashed into the Yartain slaying one instantly and the second ripping into 2 of the ranks, it then engaged the Gardosa leader and both died fighting each other a hunter finishing the last pup as  Tak attacked Cren, the combat was fierce but Tak played well and Cren fell. Tak spotted the Kapa on a nearby roof and  charged  both fought and both fell in a round of savagery, a reaming Engu hunter stood alone amidst the battle.

I might have done a few things wrong as always on first test run but I enjoyed it more than I thought.
the rules work simple and the  combat stones are  very good idea and make the game unique, fun and will play more trying new  scenarios and ideas, I like the miniatures and world....

Pictures below of the battle, be safe my friends.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Twilight the World of Anyaral miniatures painted


A new project the Twilight skirmish game of the World of Anyaral, nice miniatures and a very interesting game , the rules are different, will post a game when i get some sides sorted. 

Very nice to paint, here is whats done so far, more to follow. 

Be safe my friends

Thursday 2 December 2021

The Tyrant Attacks (Midgard play test)


James Morris kindly sent me a copy of his WIP Midgard rule set to play out, it is extensive and meant for fantasy and historical battles, Very well laid out and I read over it countless times, I think I grasped the basic ideas. After a quick try on the combat rules and to make sure I understood, I  wanted to try a battle. I have many miniatures and looked over my boxes, I have only used my HATE game miniatures in small games and some try outs so to use them in a battle was a yes, I counted the points, the rules and lists are very well done and I picked a Celtic theme for the Tyrants army, to oppose them I looked in my Song of fire and Ice boxes and the base sizes were almost as required so I pulled out a force, both sides adding to about 300 points.

My gaming area is restricted but thought the rules and style would accommodate the forces, I always randomly roll to place units and this worked fine again as each unit is a block, I worked out the reputation points, these are basically  lost when a unit is wiped out and  to me is good idea.

The Tyrants army he had two heroes, 4 units of giant/ogre types, an elite  warrior unit and the rest were basic warriors.
The Free Folk Haggard the General and two heroes, two mammoths, a unit of giants, spear maidens and a mixed unit of archer warriors, one unit of elite warriors and the rest basic warriors.
Fight over a  shrine 

The Battle was just a brutal feast of steel and flesh, the Tyrants army advanced some not as much as required, he was meet by the charging Free Folk who on the left flank hit hard and pushed the  Tyrants  units back, on the right the Mammoth charged into a group of the Tyrants huge warriors, they stopped it dead and forced it back, no stamped but it was failing the Tyrants  army advanced to take battle to the Free Folk who sent  forth there heroes and the unit of giants to stop them. and a second Mammoth charged into one of the Tyrants heroes forcing him back.  the next turn the tide turned and the forces of the Tyrant hit hard, bringing to bear there heavy hitters they surrounded and wiped out the Mammoth who was deep in the Tyrants ranks and destroying the  first Mammoth the  large warriors struck into the  Free Folks flank. on the left the elite warriors stopped the advancing free folk and then proceeded to wipe out the units killing the giants and two  heroes. 

Reputation was gone lost and the Free Folk fled the battle field, with only three units and the General. For me the game is a joy to play fast and you have to think, the dice rolls are well balanced the might points count. it played exactly like i wanted the game to feel like? . Well done James and co, more army lists and this to me is a winner...

be safe my friends