Sunday 22 October 2023

Guyver Monsters, Dark Jedi and a Wicked man..

 More 3D printed goodness, Wonderful Guyver Monsters, Star wars bad guys and Mr Wick, great to paint and fantastic additions to my collection.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Standby For Action!

Finished off 3 terror fish I got at Newark from Twisted Pinnacle, so thought i would share. Very nice to paint and for me are wonderful. Along with some Crooked dice Manta Ray 5 with some BMT Amphibians. games to follow!


Saturday 14 October 2023

Heroes, Stingray, Monsters and Villains

Had a nice day out at Partizan in Newark  bought a few miniatures and bits,  here there painted along with so 3D prints, Brother Vinnies and some Crooked dice Manta ray 5 7TV pieces.


Wednesday 4 October 2023

7TV game "Night of the Fungoids"


Received the new hardback book for the 7TV rules, I have been along time fan and gamer of the  system , so was itching to try it out, the new edition clears up a few things and has some good new ideas. I played the Battle scenario at 30 points a side. My 3D printed fungoid  got a chance to fight, against a heroic cast of heroes, all using the new profiles.

I set up my 2 X 2 mat and laid out some fast terrain, I always randomly place  the sides, and the Fungoid s got first go. they charged forward the unstoppable beast  I wanted to get into the humans fast, and as always read the back of the card the big fungoid i used the Mutant card, they can move underground (always read the back of the card!) the humans opened fir taking out 3 of the huge  mushrooms, the  beast taking 1 hit. the next turn the monsters struck hard killing 2  humans in seconds, then moving to better places the hero is able to move if he is out of sight anywhere and  after a scared status from a script card he finished off a sub machine gunner, another fell to the beast and  yes the humans failed there morale test 5 miniatures left and the roll was 5!. 6 script cards were played and for me it was as always brilliant game, a few things to remember the new cards are very nice as is the book, so more games to come I cannot praise  the content and product enough well done Karl and Co. 

More  Dodgy TV shows to come, be safe my friends............

Monday 2 October 2023

Aliens , Skull hunters and Heroes

A few more finished some nice 3D prints and  resin models