Sunday 20 November 2022

Rocketship, Thunder Warriors, Aliens and TV villians

                                         Finished off a few more bits to add to my collection
             Russell finished off my Thunder warriors he 3D printed for me, amazing STLs, 
                                                          Heroes and Commanders
                                                                           Heavy assault
                          Some fantastic Aliens he printed me for my pulp/ SF games, very Green Slime ?
                                    Crooked Dices TV villains wonderful miniatures
                                                  Another of Russell's  prints a great wolf man
                 Some thing I wanted for a time the  superb Crooked dice Pulp Rocket ship a 3D print, very                                                             nice kit and painted up great 


Wednesday 16 November 2022

Signum Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest

Another of the wonderful miniatures sent to me by Signum via Jimmy. one of the box sets Kitsune clan of the Scarlet Forest, superb set of miniatures and they went together amazing. the box comes with rules and counters for the game. also some of the extras from the KS,  the fantastic Kitsune Minions. I don't know if my bad eyes and hands do them justice but I'm very pleased with the collection and will feature in my games. More to come!

                                                                 Shun Scout Fennec

                                                            Yutaka the elusive Archer

                                                       Saburou Herald of the Kitsne clan

                                                              Benjiro the Silver voice

                                                                    Takumi Warrior Poet

Fumiko the Sorceress-Princess

                                                                      Kitsume Minions
                                                          Fantastic little miniature pieces

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Signum Games Wanderer Cats


Had a nice gift from Signum Games Via Jimmy, the Wanderer Cats from there fantasy like , wonderful resin miniatures. loads of character and stunning poses. A joy to paint even for me with my bad hands and eyes (I hope I did them at least a  bit of Justice ?). Thank you all Signum and Jimmy.

Monday 17 October 2022

My Art October 22

Not posted much Art last few years so here's a few of my creations, lots of requests and commission  fun and if offended please don't look, be safe my friends.