Thursday 31 December 2020

Terror of the Legion of Monsters [ Pulp Alley]

Not had a table top game AAR for a bit and wanted to try out some miniatures that are favorites of mine, so Pulp Alley solved the problem, Dave  sells the game so well on his u-tube Videos, inspired after 3 of them, I set up a solo game using  2 leagues already composed , a Hollywood grave yard and "find the keys Scenario" get one plot point then you can get the major one.Baron Blood and his legion find that buried in the grave yard is the cauldron of the ire, a regenerative magical  pot, so off he sets to claim his prize. Dr Van Hellsing has  worked out Blood's plans and is determined to stop him. the  game unfolds, random set up of characters and lets see who can win?

Hollywood Grave yeard
The good guys from left to right, a gang of Policemen, Belle Star, Dr Hellsing, Dan and Dr Taylor.
Legion of monsters left to right. Man-beast, Baron Blood,the Monster and Satana.

The good Dr and Dan spot Baron Blood, "when he is on the  prize we will rush him old boy"
Belle and Dr  Taylor take the flanks and see Satana , Belle empties her revolver at the deamoness
Shrugging off wounds she tries to enslave them to no avail
The Police  sneak through the  Grave yard weapons ready there is 5 of them at least
The monster runs from the darkness and take on the whole squad
Blood gets the first key triumphant
Fist and  heads meet as the monster rips into the Policemen who fight in vain back
As Satana rounds a wall Belle dispatches her with a head shot.
Dan rushes the Baron only to face instant death at the  strength and ferocity of the Vampire
Hellsing charges in to avenge his Friend he is battered but inflicts a wound on the baron
Bodies flail and the monster continues his  death charge
The man beast has a set of keys and now goes for the major  plot, he sneaks and suffers a wound form the traps.
Baron Blood manages to escape the fight with Hellsing he lands and staggers as lighting rains down on him and the Man-beast ,(Solo card effect)
As the man beast rises stunned  Hellsing smashes into the beast
Belle fires at Blood but to no effect he dodges and weaves in the graveyard
As Hellsing slays the man beast he smiles then suddenly the Monster attacks, the remains of the Police men on the ground.
Blood goes for the fallen treasure off Man- Beast as the Dr and the Monster battle
The monster strikes and grabs as Hellsing cuts and  smashes the creature
Belle and the Dr are frozen in the sight (another solo card effect)
as the last  round and action the Dr fells the  huge man monster and turns to see the Baron  laugh then vanish into the night sky, "this is not over Baron we will meet again".

Very enjoyable the solo cards make the game very easy to play and the Pulp alley rules work so well, might try to combine the horror deck next time.

Be safe and happy new year my friends....

Sunday 20 December 2020

Frostgrave Red King painted up

I ordered the new Frostgrave book the Red King and some of the new miniatures for it, very impressed the metals were excellent and a joy to paint the plastic Demons  are great and make a superb evil force for any game...

Herald and masters of the key, perhaps some of the best minis for the range so far  in my mind
The plastic demons  great to paint loads of poses and weapons

I got the I got the Demon hunter and Assassin for my collection and a few plastic sprues for my collection

Monday 7 December 2020

40K Raven Guard painted

Always liked the Raven guard so got myself a small contingent of the new primus marines, nice to paint and impressed with GW  plastics again