Sunday, 3 October 2010

World Wargame Championships Derby 2010 part5

Had another great day at Derby once again, some stunning work on display, the day was actually dry and not the downpoor we usually have on the day, Meet up with old friends and meet new ones, all good company.
Watched over the FOW comp and was very impressed with the standard of miniatures and armies, the players were very helpful and talked for a long time at lunch on tactics and armies, learned a lot of great tips and some ideas on my own armies.
Bought the rest of my FOW Russians and bits and bobs, as always Dave Thomas, and
Stafford games I love doing buisness with. the FOW rep showed us the up comming books and they are a delight to us gamers..
Super day once again...

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  1. Some amazing sets there, will have to try make next year. I hope FIASCO and RECON in Leeds are half as good.
    First time at a con so looking forward to it.