Saturday 12 March 2011

FOW River crossing Battle pictures

Had my usual Wednesday's game with my mate and took some
pictures of the game using my new camera first time tried it out
as it was bought for this reason.

The American set up in defended positions. !/2 there force is in

Unfortunatly the German Paratroopers come full force
to cross the River

The game has a pre-bombardment that was to the Germans
one hell of a boost.

The Germans begin there assult

Under heavy fire they cros the bridge and pass on the

Pioneers have no problem in crossing the barb wire and
mine fields.

The USA reacts with Aircraft who bomb and straf the assulting

Determined USA make the assult as dificult as they can.
Played using 1750 points , we ran out of time heheh so we called it
a draw being the Gentlemen we are...
Great game and as wesay none are the same....

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