Thursday 4 July 2024

Deathship One Game

Always looking and trying new game systems, Deathship One is new  solo/cooperative game, from the author Joseph A McCullough of Frostgave/ Stargrave, Othmark and Rangers of shadow deep fame.
The game is a fast play easy pick up encounter game, where humans squads from all times must complete a room full of terrors to escape back to there time. Three levels of tech Low-Tech, Middle_tech and High Tech soldiers fight there way to the end, the  game is 5 founds of one room per round these are random and  change in game what they look like, the terrors are vicious and will try to stop you without mercy, it is an easy read and the layout is wonderful.
My first try was a Middle-tech squad of 6  Soldiers must get to the exit, inner walls move up and down per phase and more terrors appear in each round. Took me Time to get the layout right my Battle System Outland core set card walls worked fine, the Terrors were from my collection and was fun to use miniatures not gamed with for a time.

Things started out fine till about turn 2 when the casualty's started to mount, by turn 5 one solider remained and  his demise was at least fast. it played well and was fast. I was determined to try again so I collected a low-Tech Squad with bows and melee weapons larger in number.

They  worked a lot better and the use of a Seer who gave extra asset card and  a probability of one per turn, the Archers did work to hold off some terrors, the rest fought there way  slaying terrors as they went, the walls gave me some help and 5 of the 10 who started exited the  board.

The Game is fast and fun very space hulk and aliens inspired, the squads are fun the  dice rolls are a joy to use with instant results that makes the whole thing flow. 

Great solo game and if you have miniatures  you never use please give it a go,

 Recommended be safe my friends.


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