Monday 15 April 2024

Wargames World Solo, rules play test.

I love new rules and ideas, this was on adverts and FB pages so I ordered a copy wrote by Gregory Ward, it is a solo war game rules, featuring some to me great Ideas, Gregory posted many u-tube videos of the game in play, I looked over my collection and had 2 boxes of Perry Franco Prussian war plastics, these gave me enough units to play test the rules. So a glue job and quick paint up and base, I was pleased and ready to try the rules out.

The table layout decent GW mat and some very old building and walls provided the area.

In the set up you make 3 plans for each army attacker and  Defender the , French were my solo army and the Prussian the VY (virtual you), the  french deployed hoping to stop the Prussian advance, markers for the Prussian advance are placed and theirs a roll to see which is the actual force, its a very good idea, the Prussian were spotted and Deployed in the 2nd plan to take the center and hold the village. The game is solo gamer and VY turns, the Solo army rolls for the number of units to activate, and bad rolls made the rapid French advance stall, the Prussian set and gave fire into the advancing French, there flank attack stalled and the Army suffered from fire, they did return but made no real mark on the  Set in Prussian's. 

The game was actually fast and  it involves the solo gamer in choices and the VY  side makes rolls to activate, I found the French unable to even get close the the center. and loosing a complete unit, decided the Prussians won the day.

I did not use all the rules and made morale and tests on standard rolls the French morale being 9 and the Prussians 8, the combat and shooting works for me extremely well and makes a challenge to your tactics, the VY side worked fine I did not use the moving  tactic but it worked fine, next time I will see if taking hits alters it, theirs loads to use and  occupy the game, Gregory states its your game do what you want! . I recommend to anyone with boxes of miniatures and alone to try these out. 


  1. Interesting game. So you can see using this tool again?

  2. Yes it works, the ideas are solid.