Friday 8 July 2011

TV7 game "The lair of Dr Zytra"

Ran my first TV7 game and took some picks, prob missed a few
things in the rules but latched on to the idea and concept,
really enjoyed the whole thing. some good twists and action.

My TV series is " Wolff" (basically a Daily mirror type Garth,
huge strength/fighter/ warrior agent fighting evil, with his
friends and the lords of light)

The Evil DR Zytra and his legion of the Red Death

Wolff and his crew Syrhis side kick and 4 agents

the guns work really well and the sequence and rules work


Getting stuck in works Wolffs stats make him formdable

The red death swarm over the agents

Dr Zytras reserves show up, god knows how many extras

they paid or what with

final confrontation good VS evil

The remains of the Red death after the battle

A great game works well will do alot more...

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