Monday 18 June 2012

Gaslight British,naked Lady & WIP

At last finished some of my purchases from triples and Newark
conventions, for along time i wanted some Gaslight British so here
is the start, Empress, Perrys and Ironclad, I know not historical
acurate uniforms etc but its for my Gaslight VSF games so my
choice, the Commander of the force, and Empress miniatue
of Colonel Anthony William Durnford, justr loved the mini

Characters the rokes drift set again superm models, and some
of the best poses ever

Perry Sudan British

Characters and allies
British Grenadiers Ironclad , lovley set models loads of
Perry Highlanders well the gaslight always had on in some picture

Artillery from Empress

Cool mini I have wanted for ages test piece
for my amazon army
Some WIP VSF flier from Iron clad the gun is form Pulp minis
i magentised the base and ship soits removable and swap able
Another item i always wanted heheh Iron clad Drilling machine
love it


  1. Nice army love those Grenadier gaurds. Lots of nice toys for VSF games going on then. Nice naked lady too :D

  2. Looks great! Splendid paintjobs and basing. I especially love the grenadier unit!

  3. You've really achieved some striking nice reds in your army, well done.

    Really nice skin tones on that lady figure as well.