Tuesday 31 July 2012

GASLIGHT Leauge of Extrordiary Gentlemen vs The Legion of Monsters

At long last started Gaslight re- birth battles, and using my new
skirmish board I set about a small game, the setting was the
Oasis the LXG were Mina, Alan, Gally and his 2 dolls, Robot
Archie and 2 brit officers Mc Tavish and Proud, 3 squads of
infantry and the Airship "Ironwing"

Legion of Monsters the Deamoness Psycola, the Wizard Wang,
Tor the Brute and Carl the big bad Teddy, there troops were
2 packs of Morlocks, robo men and some spacewomen Zorgans

The set up, the game is basically the Legion to take the ship
for some reason and the LXG to defend, used the Gaslight
battles activation as its easy and works fine

The infantry set up

The LXG prepare themselfs

Gally and the dolls stand near the ship,(i had him have a
sound wave weapon)

The crew of the Ironwing

Wang starts the attack with his invicible Robomen

Psycola take the hills to shoot doen with her female friends?

Carl and a band of Morlocks charge in without care
Tor leads another pack into combat with the Highlanders
The battle from abouve
The legion springs it attack
The Highlanders are riped to pieces by the Morlocks, 1/2 there
number are slain.
Gally uses his sound voice and wipes out the females on the hill
only psycola survives the sound wave...
Carls Morlocks rear atack the Brits ripping inot them as a savage
fight takes place.
The LXG charge into the fight with Tor and his Morlocks
Wangs robomen smash inot the infantry there bullets
bouncing off the ships cannon taking no hits with its fire
Another top shot of the action
Mina shows her skill with the blade dispatching every Morlock
she meets,Alan and Archie do there best to take out as many as
Carls Morlocks run inot Gally 's side and the dolls defend
there lover
The Highlander Officer is jumped by Psycola
The robomen make short work of the almost defencelss infantry
the Officer takes on 3 of them alone
Psycolas sword take the Hightlander Officer out, her
evil is abound
The Brit Officer falls under mighty metal fists
The dolls are knocked to the ground and Gallys voice,does not
take enough Morlocks out as they close in on the mighty
space dweller
The ships crew charge the robomen hoping to keep them busy
The fight continues Mina and her conpanions fight on
Gally falls under the claws of the Morlocks is all lost now?
Archie bashes Tor in the jaw sending the brute to ground
Carls Morlocks and Psycola charge on to finsh off the
remains of the LXG
The Robo men wipe out the ships crew the defenders days are
perhaps numbered
The LXG stands there ground to face death
Carls cowardly tempriment shows he stands and lets Wangs
Robomen advance on the LXG
Archie has metal claws that can rend other mechanicals
(in my rules they get no save if he hits them) he
stands and take them on Mina and alan join in the frey
Mina rams her blade and stops one roboman as Archie
rips into the others
Alan goes down in the fight the end is comming for the LXG
outnumbered and flanked
Carls sends in his morlocks confidant of victory
Mina;s skill and courage meets the monsters, they fall
under her sweeps and strikes
Wang mount's the Ironwing but cannot get it started, he
grumbles and tries again
Mina face of the monsters alone, as Archie smahes the last roboman
to bits
Carl back off and Psycola not wanting to waste there evil
to Mina's skilled blade
Carl nods to Psycola and the pair with the remaing morlocks decide
to figth another day than end up dead
Wang tris again to start the air ship and Archie turns to
face the the leader of the legion
Archie power ray shot is perfect and sends Wang down
where he belongs his evil plans thwarted
MinA and Archie Victorious.....
Good fun game and shows how Gaslight is just brilliant
for VSF/ fantasy. enjoyed it and used my Brits at last..
Next time i hope my Tarzan army is ready


  1. A very good AAR! I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Nice AAR, It looked fun and the figs are awesome

  3. Crazy looking game, typically GASLIGHT! Great stuff!