Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pirates, Donnybrook, Den & Killer Rabbit

 Finished off more miniatures, a foundry  miniature for my Donnybrook games more of these to follow, perfect for the game
 Northstar Pirates wonderful miniatures
 Another set of the Pirates so enjoyed painting these
 the free give-aways from the  starter
 One of my favourite Pirates of all time 
 lovely character miniatures
Ok a bit rude my my homage to the great Richard Corben character Den

And something i had to make the Rabbit from this medieval script about  killer rabbits who rules the land killing all in ther path till the snails ate there food


  1. Awesome stuff dude love em all especially the rabbit you've made you self great stuff!

  2. Good for those snails otherwise we'd be in trouble. I like Den great job on all of the miniatures here.