Tuesday 11 November 2014

100,000 hits thank you !

OK what can I say 100.000 hits on this blog? I enjoy all the postings and insanity I show you with my miniatures battles and  adventures and art work, I smile at the comments and amazed at all the  views on stuff.
People to thank there a few Alec for his company and friendship and the laughs we have, we are a pair of miserable old bastards true so well fitted, Drew what can I say one awesome guy who’s  words inspire,  his mind and  our chats and ideas   shove me on, Simon who is  amazing painter and gamer both are superb  friends, Dave Wood  he actually has  stuff about me on his blog  a true friend and great  guy I had the pleasure to meet him in person this year. Craig Cartmell one of the IHMN  authors he puts my blog on the official site when I show a game  again im amazed anyone wants to see out antics actually most are the mad realms we  live in.

All the designers of the miniatures I love and paint and game designers who make our stuff come alive. The art work, pictures and AARs from other blogs. Too much old art work, novels and comics that inhabit my mind and the RPG characters who will never die,  Kevin Atherton another old  great friend knows what I mean..

And all who come here and look at what I put on thank you so much…..


  1. Congratulations on hitting the 100k barrier we all love your posts and game reports as well as the awesome art you create.

    I also really love your miniature collections its so diverse it never fails to impress.

  2. No thank you for all those great IHMN game reports!

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  4. Congratulations on the 100K posts! Well done and here is to many more!

  5. Congrats on the 100K, well deserved. Here's to the next 100K.