Friday, 12 December 2014

Thanos, Shadow Elves & pulp posters

 Knight models Thanos Marvel Masterlord Villain one of my great favourites so had to get the miniature, great  sculpt and he wil be in my games
 Raging heroes  Vestals I pondered the skin colour for a very long time, I have 30 more coming  from Avatars of war
 Im reading and getting into Pulp Alley skirmish game and dug out 2 pictures I did long ago, there is a few more when i search my hard drives im sure


  1. Great looking paint jobs on Thanos and all the Shadow elves. Liking the colour for the skin you chose for them.

    HE HE Awesome artwork as always my friend!

  2. Love the Thanos paint job thank god he didn't come with the gauntlet too!