Sunday 7 June 2020

Pulp Alley " Ipy and the Box of Doom "

Spent a time watching the fantastic U-Tube videos of Dave at Pulp Alley explaining new rules and  showing off his scenarios and adventures. So inspired i dug out my cast lists and laid out a scenario, A simple Solo game of grab the plot points over 6 turns.

Zytra lord of the Un-dead and his gang Roman the  mercenary, Psycola a deadly concubine, 2 temple  Cultists, 2 deamon Vultures, along with 2 Groups of 5 Un-dead

Ipy the Pharaohs Favorite and her gang ,Ast her companion, 2 Medjai, a group of slave girls and a Lion cub

Laid out a 3x3 table and set up some terrain a long lost complex holding the Box of Doom
The levels made it very interesting 5 plot points and the Doom box in the center


Zytra goes first his party rushing to grab the prizes

A Demon Vulture goes for the Box

The Un-dead  are in trouble (Solo Cards make them suffer)

The slave girls make it to the  plot point and suffer no consequences

Ipy also rushes to the box her followers trying to keep up

A Medjai is stung and felled by a peril

Ast swipes and strikes at the Demon vulture

Cub charges onto the second Terror Bird

Ipy jump from the path way)she passed a peril) 

And dives into the Un- dead

The Demon Vulture drags off the Box from Ast who slashes to no effect

Roman crashes into her blades flash both are wounded in the  melee

Cub takes out a Demon Vulture only for Psycola to strike from no where and drop the brave lion

A Medjai enters the combat on the  walk way as Ast and Roman battle on 

Both hit the floor as they suffer wounds

A cultist grabs the box from the fallen Demon Vulture, he slays the Medjai who charges him, making for safety over the other side of the temple

Ipy finishes off the Un-dead and leaps to engage Zytra

Slave girls fell Psycola then are over run by Un -dead from the flank

The Medjai is rushed by the Un -dead and he grapples the Demon Bird over the plot point

Zytra and Ipy battle and wounded  many times

He is victorious even after the scenario being extended by 2 more turns, laughing he  walks slowly back to his lair, Ipy lays in her own blood motionless,  then her eyes open and she rises...........

Fantastic fun adventure , many twists and changes , the combat is furious , and for me works..
More to come.
Thanks Dave and Co


  1. Excellent scenario report Tony, well played, and fantastic pictures, as ever.

  2. Wow, love that terrain! THANKS for sharing and playing Pulp Alley.

    Pulp Alley

  3. Great Stuff! Always enjoy your game reports, the pics are so inspiring. :-) Howard

  4. Great game and great miniatures.

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