Friday 10 April 2015

British Intervention Force in North America 1861-68 Army

 Finally finished off and Iam so happy with my Perry miniatures Army not huge but I think looks really nice, the Dragoons and the mounted Guards officer are Wargames Foundry


  1. Looks brilliant! A very good-sized force. I particularly like the artillery and the guards!

  2. Great looking force, and so versatile; warhammer, historical, low fantasy, IHM's and much more I'm sure.
    They all look fantastic but I especially like the cannon battery.
    I like the price of the perry minis but the detail on the Wargames foundry really stands out, it must've been quite the grind to get all the redcoats done but it doesn't show at all, you've definately put tlc into all of them.
    Awesome job.

  3. Really nice post and fantastic miniatures. Been trying to get in touch with you, how have you been?
    - Logan

  4. Logan :Im fine still deep into all the madness of wargames Sl I lost the way, still think of you and your lovely lady please give her my regards as always...