Monday, 15 June 2015

Pulp exclusives, Worms, BIF & a Tank

 I had the pleasure of receiving my bread fruit plant donation miniatures from Pulp miniatures Bob sent me a few bits more and here they are, wonderful work as always , the swordsman is  a favourite and will feature in many of my games, i painted  him based on the  great Douglas Fairbanks dressed as Zorro, cannot like this miniature enough..
 The second was a great miniature I  believe in my head to be part of the air tight garage characters Major Grubert any ways he is now n my league of temporal agents

 the bread fruit girls this one has no modesty so i had to get one
A more dressed young jungle lady
 Well always wanted these after seeing them painted by Paul on his Matakishi's site, from Fenris games wonderful and  a great add to my collection
 the second big beastie

 for size

 now onto my BIF Royal horse artillery from the  Foundry Crimean war range, a bit toy solider licence but there quite spectacular i think 

 3rd Queens own Hussars foundry again my fathers old regiment so some  homage again

 For my DAK a great plastic kit from Rubicon


  1. Fantastic...especially love the swordsman and explorer type!

  2. Excellent love those worms there gruesome!

  3. Great stuff! I like the 'Major Grubert' figure.

  4. Some excellent looking figures.