Friday, 10 July 2015

Frostgrave Warband, Gardens of Karma & silver Kirtle Girls

 I have entered the world of Frostgrave games and decided to paint up a war band to go with the Witch  miniature from the  game,, foundry Berserkers
 Wil also fit inot many of my fantasy worlds
 Howard of the Tekumel project kindly sent me  pre-metal miniatures from the "Gardens of Karma" range soon to be available, i added some weapons and shields and hope i did them justice wonderful miniatures loads of potential for many games and  RPGs

 I also finished off the mass  ranks of the Tekumel range of silver kirtle light infantry fantastic stuff


  1. 2 great looking war bands.

  2. Those look great, Tony! Especially like the Sapphire Kirtle leader! :-)

  3. They look great - thanks for sharing. If you'll permit going down a side street with this discussion, your figures are a great illustration of a question with which I wrestle. I've always painted in the past as if each mini was going to be picked up, looked at, and also gamed with. Your figs, from the pics look great on the table - all you need to game - but your style appears to be one of painting from the tabletop perspective and not concerning yourself with the up close and personal examination of them. Pic 4 and 5 have the coloration great, but there is a lot of blocked in colors to get an effect rather than a detailed painting - skin tones and hair in particular.

    I'm guessing that is quicker than painting each fig as if it were to be displayed in a case, but even if I wanted to try that approach, I don't know how you start with the blocked in lights and darks.



  4. JJ i have been painting since i was 12 and had many style and concepts to paint a the thousands of miniatures i have painted over time. I now have poor eyesight and very bad hands (vibration white finger and i think some rumatsum), I do groups and units en mass working out what colors to do first, the base coat is to me irrelivent actually some like gold and white i will use a white under coat the rest black, sand or grey, I will look and think what i want the end result to be skin tones I still struggle with but certain tones are easy, i use foundry paints 80% and scale 75 and army painter the rest. I like a bright result as on the table it works and actually I do spend time on specific miniatures alone taking time . once the basic colors are on and dry i will wash with a army painter tone from the bottle to what effect strong tone is perhaps the best, and foundry fleash on the skin. then i work on layers to enhance the detail slowly some time 3 layers some times only 2. the scale 75 is strong and bels and straps 2 make a great difference.
    My advice to any one is paint how you like I have in the past painted whole armys in an evening to a high wargame standard. I do like to paint and perhaps put myself to task some times on army s. Inspiration i would say makes us wish to make our miniatures what they are and want to be, my collection is always commented on and I just like us all enjoy toy solders, thanks for looking and comments as always

  5. Looking awesome dude as always!