Saturday, 26 September 2015

Frostgrave "The living Museum"AAR

I was part of the Nickstarter on the Frostgrave  game and  got my book and miniatures, on reading i was impressed then other things took over AOS for one,The book I placed at one side  and  it looked at me for a time, the eagerness and enthusiasm on the net for Frostgrave was abound and still looked and smiled at all the gamers who built  party's and  the huge amount of wonderful terrain they collected and made. I was distracted till the next Nickstarter entered the web, i had a day off and decided  I should at least give it one go before I joined the new Nickstarter.

I composed 2 parties and  read again the rules (prob missed loads but  remembered and sought out  rules I needed) I printed the spells and  the nice cheat sheet and  went for it. The mission was "the Living Museum" laying out some terrain  here is the result

The game played very easy and  it works fine, I was  a bit wary of the D20 combat, but it does work well in the game. The activation sequence is a great part of the  play and how you do things. The magic is  a huge part and reading the spells and  seeing how thy can be of advantage again worked well, I empowered the barbarian and man at arms to +2 to damage they can then deal alot of  hits out.

I enjoyed the whole game and yes I got the next Nickstarter  sorted. wandering monsters I believe  will be great and  different terrain certainly make a whole game  time. I intend to  play more and explore other magic classes and ideas, recommended!


  1. Cool. Love the AAR format, too! Shall be having our first go tomorrow!

  2. That looks like a good scenario I can't wait to play the game myself.

  3. Nice write up. I'm hearing a lot of comments on the d20 issue. 3d6 has been suggested to even out the curve. Love the game idea and setting. Must give it a go.