Tuesday 17 January 2017

Conan game playtests

 Decided to play test my new game and on reading and watching videos  I laid it out, and got into it!
 The first scenarios is to rescue a princess from a Pict village I played this 3 times and  won the last the other I ran out of time , after game turns I  found the game play very easy and the combat has to be exact , the use of gems is so important and you do run out fast. Scenario one is not easy.
 Dice rolls like this when you can leve makes short work of  enemies.
 That sorts out enemies also (holy hand grenade of Antioch?)

 The last game Conan just cut a path through the mage  character Hadrathus is very powerful on the heroes side.

 Second Scenario is a trap to kill Belit on her ship the Tigress, is actually very well thought our involving jumping from one ship to another,. Monolith published the revised rules in English so after a read through I set about again in the days of high adventure.
 The players screens are  as all  excellent quality
 Conan and his  friend Shevatas made short work of the pirates
 the hand grenade again made great use
  The pirate captain lasted a bit longer but Conan sent him to Crom, the allocation of  gems makes you think about a killing blow and  the dice some times don't roll but it is  a great system 
The Evil mage even transforming into a demon  made no use as  Belit was saved

Conclusion: Very enjoyable game loads of ideas and the game play work  for me, I have been a Huge Conan fan since the 60s so I have  scenarios in my head and other ideas for this game . If you are a Conan fan and gamer then this  is a must. 


  1. Just played a game so far (and another one scheduled for tomorrow) and I have to say that it plays very well.
    I'm looking forward to many games with this system

  2. Looks like I need to find a £100 or so quid as quick as I can!

  3. Haven't played it yet, but did some painting over Christmas and I must agree: the game is excellent quality and the mechanics seem very well thought out!