Saturday, 26 August 2017

FIST FULL OF BLOOD (Dracula's America game)

 Got the new Osprey Dracula's america gamer book, and was eager to give it a good  go. I had tried the combat system and  was delight with the contents of the book, I as always have ideas in my head  so laid out 2 posses one good the other Vamps and decided to set in a town full of Zombies, the name of the town changed so much it was lost. the war between the dead and the Vampires had caught the attention of count Zero and his band of darkness. The heavenly host had  called the  warrior Una Tye to  destroy the  count and the un-dead in one  fight, she gathered her friends and other host agents to wipe the  dark out of the town
 Count Zero, Miss Abby and 4 vampire fledglings and 2 gun men
 Miss Tye, Cassandra the heavenly Seraphim , Annie and  Drago and his posse of outlaws, the Zombies i placed in the town and would attack anyone close. playing scenario 1 and begin the carnage.
 Una's  people take up places and vantage points
 Cassandra and the rifle men take  to the roofs
 Zeros  gang  sneaked into town
 He leads and  dives inot the  frey
 Blowing a zombie  away and feels confidant he will deal with the undead.
 Cassandra lands on a wagon and drops a zombie who rises slowly form the gunshot
 Miss Abby gunslinger elite  blasts a path inot the town dropping the  Zombies
 Una  shoots down the risen zombie who rises again the un-dead wont stay down
 Abby gathers the vampires to wipe the town clean
 Zeros rampage  goes un-checked as he  shoots down the advancing zombies
 more fall to his six shooters
 Abby stands beside him and  takes out more 
 the vampires make short work of the  living dead
 Cassandra spots Count Zero and  blazes away with her silver pistols
 The count is struck and snarls contempt at the angel, "destroy them my children he  cries"
 the vampires take to the roofs and  to flank the   heavenly host
 Abby shoots down poor  Mary, joyful in her wake
 a gun man falls to a stalking zombie who rips him apart
 Miss abby faces the heost and  laughs blazing away at them
 Cassandra finds her self confronting Zero and his Vampires
 Una stands off and in a shoot out Miss Abby falls

 Cassandra lands on the hang mans  post and is attacked with claws and fangs she faces them head on 
 Dispatching both vile females in the  bloody melee

 exhausted and  wounded she is victorious 
 Drago finishes off Miss Abby
 and then faces a gun ma in deadly  gun battle
 Una shoots him down
 A furious Count Zero  opens fir on Cassandra  felling the host on a  blaze of  gunfire
 his minions  fallen around him he  cries to the remaining  posse to  attack without mercy
 Annie is swamped by the  vampires
 Ned fires at the standing vampires
 Zero faces Una and  she gets the drop and shoots him down
 is it over? 
 no the Count as all good vampires raises up and guns blazing shoots down Una.
 he smiles and slowly walks then  kneels
 and drinks the blood of the fallen  host leader, restoring his power and wounds, the host posse fall back , Zero is victorious!
Score was 13 to 8 , very enjoyable I maybe got things wrong on certain issues but was a good and fun game. like most new skirmish they create there own story lines. liked the combat and how it played very much . Recommended to any who has a collection of vamps and  cowboys or VSF  or anything really its that adaptable. 10/10


  1. Cracking report SK awesome pics.

  2. Looked like a great back and forth battle, I like your town set up.