Tuesday 10 October 2017

Ipy and the Jungle of Fear (Pulp Alley AAR)

 After along time I watched the wonderful videos from Dave at Pulp Alley on game play, and was infused to try again I opened my files and re read now with a better understanding of the game (I hoped). so I set about  playing a game I read and purchased the solo deck and  thought this would be the  test game of my new found knowledge.
My  leagues I had already, Ipy the Pharaohs  favourite and her companions against the  un-dead  company of the dreaded Akanaton. To find the blood gems  lost in the jungle after a ritual.
 Akanaton, Anck Su  Namun, 2 guards  2 cobras 3 gangs of Zombies and 2 Robbers
 Ipy, Ast her adventurer friend, 2 bodyguards a group of slave girls and  chip the  Dog
basic starting scenario 4 plot points perisl near the points
 Akanaton and his  un-dead enter the area "Find the  gems my followers"
 Ipy rushes into the   land intent on getting the gems before the  dreaded one.
 A cobra slides forward to find victims 
 the Tomb robber advances inot the camp seeking the gems
 Anck Su  Namun passes the perils and grabs the first point her power brushing aside any peril
 Akanaton enters the camp  issuing orders to move fast and  get the prizes
 Ipy spots the  lurking Cobra and strikes with her  throwing stones
 the  reptile is out of the game
 The robber spots the slave girls and attack thinking poor defenceless girls  
 Ast gets past a plot point and  is wounded in the process 
 A gurad fails and is down trying to grasp a gem
 the slave girls  fight  the robber he is outnumbered and realise his folly, he falls to there  skills

 another robber falls to Ipys stones

 Akanatons magics fell a loyal bodyguard
 A guard rushes the slave girls 
 Chip dives into a mob of Zombies
 But is taken out by there claws and teeth
  a loyal bodyguard is surrounded
 Ast now recoved recives another group of  Undead who race at her
 she falls on there first attacks

 But rises and  dispatches the un-dead in a sweep of her blade
 the slave girls  fall as the guard is knocked out the   evil cobra sealing there fate
 Ipy saves the  Loyal bodyguard from the last un-dead
   Anck Su  Namun gets another plot point, but is spotted by Ast
 Ipy seeks her friends who are fallen around seeing Ast attack   Anck Su  Namun 
 the  fight ensues, dark magic against  hardened steel
 a guard falls attempting the  final plot point
 Ast and   Anck Su  Namun drop each other as the  last #cobra seeks an easy kil on the fallen  fighter

 Akanaton grabs the plot point  he believes he has victory
but the  Cobra falls to a weakened Ast and then both her and   Anck Su  Namun are out of the game, leaving there 3 plot points
 Ipy grabs the  final plot points giving her 3 to Akanatons 1 victory to the  brave girl

Conclusions, really enjoyed it and found it flowed very well the solo cards are great. I believe i have mastered the concepts about 85% and  will now play more.
Thank you Dave and co for the  push back inot the game......


  1. Looked like a fun game.

    Where did 'Chip the dog' come from?

  2. Hassle free, its expensive as its a resin but I love the mini. thanks for looking as always

    1. Thanks for the info.

      Always fun to pop in on your blog.

  3. I bought the solo cards and rules a while back, but keep forgetting I have them laying around to try... glad they work well.

  4. Fantastic! THANKS for playing and sharing your game. We're so glad you had fun. It is great to see your cool minis in action!

  5. A great game with a great set up - a fun read!

    You aren't the only one inspired by Dave's demonstration videos - I too have been practicing the rules for the first time, and it just shows the versatility of the ruleset that we can both play very differently themed games with exactly the same mechanics.

  6. Great stuff! The Egyptian minis are fantastic! Who makes them? I have the Pulp Alley rules, must get the solo deck.

    1. Most the wonderful dark Fable miniatures, with some foundry other world and old GW the slave girls were from my friend Howard i dont think available yet thanks for the views

  7. Superb! Beautiful fidures, camp and terrain...and I LOVE this cobra!

  8. Thanks for showing off my figures, Tony! Looked a great game too! Some of the columns are Tekumel stuff. The Slave girls are here: lohwand.blogspot.ca/p/the-garden-of-kama.html Howard

  9. Love the play by play action!!! ...Really nice blog :)

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    Looked a great game too! Some of the columns are Tekumel stuff. The Slave girls are here...

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