Friday 18 May 2018

Ritual of the Dammed (Tekumel/ Empire of the Petal Throne Battle

 Tekumel is a distant world populated by humans over thousands of years empires and civilizations have become  intricate based on legions daemons and strange creatures.  It has always been one of my favorite fantasy worlds  and I have a large collection of the miniatures and  pdfs of the world books and armies. thanks to Howard at the Tekumel project who i have know for a number of years and  correspondence and idea to which I have done a few pieces of art for him and his collection. I know Howard likes my battle reports and  adventures so i based this in the world of the Petal Throne, using the  Nutron new York 3000 rules as i find them so wonderful to create stories and game play. I set out my terrain and  sorted my miniatures.
 The cult of Lorun has  sent a high priestess and her company to make a secret ritual in the deserted ruins of the wastelands to draw raw energy and secure it for the  cult.  The high lord learns of this and sends his favored warrioress Princess Vishetru of the Saa Allaqi and her  group along with a small  Andani legion warriors for  protection. a sorceress and priestess and  Lady Mrissa of the legion join the  Princess, to get the  lorun party back and out of danger
 Virisa and her company
 Unbeknownst a rival tot this high lord has conspired  to kill the party and thus discredit the high lord, pays  Ahoggya mercenaries lead buy Tuski and  his   favored warriors and a huge Serudlla to make short work of the  cult and priestess
 the Lorun set about to draw the magics form the ruin 
 the dancers chant and summon the dark powers
 Virisa is first in the ruins fully armed and ready wanting to grab the  lorun and make haste out fo the cursed place
 A party of the dreaded  aggressive Ahoggya  scout in the ruin these grumpy  strange creatures are fearsome in combat and ruthless to many
 they  make into the ruins  ready to slay the cult
 Virisa and Mrissa fear nothing and make to the centre
 Another  party of Ahoggya flank the  Legion hoping to cut off any escape
 the Legion arrives ready under strict orders to snatch the cult and  flee back to the safety outside the ruins
 A poor dancer girl is slain by a Ahoggya eager to kill all and make their coin
 as she falls Virisa charges in the  ceremony 
 Her blows  dance  with the many armed  creature but her skill prevail and she runs the monster through
 Mrissa joins and takes on another of the creatures

 it too falls to her deadly skills in combat
 the priestess  wanders the ruins she knows the evil that lurks here
 she and the Aridani priestess are ambushed bay a Ahoggya his weapons  smashing and strike at them
 More legion arrive
 A spear  woman slays a lone Ahoggya
 as the last  legion enter to take the lorun away
 the terrible Seudla  slithers into the ruin his   venom breath and might limbs  confidant he can kill any human here
 Virisa battles to stop the Ahoggya slaying the  lorun she is beset by blades and maces
 As the legion face 2 Ahoggya they are taken in the rear one  being horrible killed by the venom as the second faces death on 2 sides
 Virisa is knocked down almost killed by a Ahoggya  but she in sight of the priestess who calls on her to be restored  by the gods
 She rises to  the Ahoggya's eyes and slays the creature who almost killed her
 the legion take out more  Ahoggya
 Tusk arrives his armored warriors  flanking him"slay them all no prisoners"
 the poor legion warrioress is  slain by the  Serudla and vile Ahoggya
 who then stalks hoping to find more prey
 a dancer is engulfed in  toxic venom from Serudla in thedark ruins 
 who then charges the  beautiful Varisa  blades clash and she dodges and weaves slicing the monster
 Tuski makes his way to the  fighing
Mrissa joins her friend and they  fend of the beast Serudla  blades wounding it slowly but it is a hard beast to kill and a single blow can slay either of them instantly
 the legion as instructed grab the dancers who argue but  are dragged to safety
the priestess  and company make and  cast spells of protection on the cult and   bolts of  fire into the Ahoggya to cover the retreat

 Another legion is  melted by the spitting venom of the beast Serudla who battles the heroes  still
 the last cultist is grabbed and  pulled away
 A legion Sargent joins the fight against the  Serudla but still after a multitude of wounds continue to fight on
 The priestess  heals the wounds of the fighters as they combat the beast creature 
 Tusk  Ahoggya arrive cursing and  charging but they meet  sorcerers  fire and walls of  force
 Virisa sees her chance as the Serudla feels the wake of the magics and  is  open eyed as her blade is rammed to the hilt on the monsters  neck
Mrissa leaps over the dead  creature and slams her blade onto an unsuspecting Tuski
 she  twists and   sends the  creature to his gods.
The remaining Ahoggya look round and think better   running into the ruins, victory the lorun are safe though a few were slain and Virisa and Mrissa return as heroes to the city....

Realy enjoyed using the miniatures and  it makes for a different type of fantasy skirmish, Howard has sent me some more   miniatures and they will feature in the  adventures to come. as always  the rules for me just work and give a very good game. below are some links to the Tekumel world

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  1. Fantastic report mate. All the minis and terrain all look fabulous!