Saturday 13 October 2018

Vampirella, Prize of the Crow King. (7TV2)

 I Got the wonderful Children of the corn booklet from Crooked dice , and well I had to have a go!. I pitted the Crow king against one of my 7TV2 favorites Vampirella, The episode  based on Field trip and  get the  maguffin in the middle of the table and escape. or protect it from being stolen. Countdown cards as normal playing 25 ratings, and the new Arcana cards, the card for the Maguffin was the Unholy Tome, so fitted real nice.
 Basic layout, using my collection and the nice GW board.
 Crow King , 4 Crows, 3 Gabriel Hounds and 3 May Queens.
 Vampirella(Angel of Justice), Plucky Assistant, Bodyguard Bruiser, Bodyguard, Attack Dog, 3 Scientists and 4 Bystanders.
 Vanpirella and her team enter to make off with the artifact.
 The Crow King has other ideas, "slay them all my loveys"...
 Hounds and a Mat queen sneak round the back.
 The Scientists hope for the best, "Bad feeling about this place":
 Vampirella and her guards make it to the center to secure the area,
 The rest of the team head to take the  other plot points.
 A snarling ball of white furry attacks poor Porkins.
 Eddie and James are beset by flying terrors and another hound.
 The Crow King directs his dark magic holding Vampirella in a frozen state.
 Unable to move she is helpless to help her team.
 Another hound attack James who is set on fire as around him hounds and Birds strike.
 Hoping to snatch and run Peggy makes it to the Tome.
 Fang dives at the Crow king who dispatches him in a single swipe of his talons.
 Peggy is slain and drops by the Crow kings magic, as Patricia makes it to the Tome. 
 The battle continues. the body guards are   being  engaged and held by the Crows and hounds .
 The Crow king casts stunning Patricia , he hopes none  make it alive from his  world.

 Porkins is burntto death by the fires from the hounds....
 Vampirella wrestles with a hound trying to save   Barry from the same fate.
 Purdy tried to block the Crow kings path as he makes for his tome, she like others are slain outright by his cruel talons.
 The Crow king goes for the tome as Vampirells grabs him and Patricia makes a run for it.
 His dark magic again stops her route, as she sees him grapple with Vampirella striking her down in a flurry of blows
 Falling Vampirella lies at his feet, he summons more darkness and evil, "You will not escape my  place".
 Daphne tries  to  block him her fate is sealed the second she  engages the Dark one., His claws make short work of the young woman.
 Seeing the Tome almost gone her calls on the darkness
 He  peruses with unearthly speed and  strikes at Patricia.
 Fending him off she is ripped and slashed .
She  is no match for him and like the rest falls like Corn this day.
The reaming  team scream as Darkness envelopes them and the tome is restored to its place....
Victory to the  Crow King... 

Very fun game interesting as i found the lesser crow and queens were more a engage and hold with fists and claws  being used,. The sides to me were very  even  and the whole game had atmosphere and  content. Great  addition and more games to come..... 
Vampirella will be back.


  1. Great looking game SK. Brill report.

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