Thursday 19 September 2019

Frostgrave Heroes and Conan Monsters painted

Going slowly through the huge amount of box game miniatures I have, and probably like most you forget some of the amazing  miniatures, the Conan Board game has some great monsters so i grabbed some favorites and painted them.
 I got a collection of the Northstar Frostgrave plastic sets and decided to make some heroes form my very old D&D days with them, they are nice to work with a few conversions but Im pleased/
The Conan monsters, great to paint and will add to my collection of  opponents
 The Frostgrave plastics Constructed to my old D&D heroes

 One great giant Snake
 Those were a paint o make right, but are  lovely miniatures

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  1. Great work Tony, had completely forgot to follow your blog and add to my list, happily that's now corrected ;)