Friday 17 January 2020

First painted 2020

Been slow posting so here are the  new miniatures painted so far . Above are some  Frostgrave plastics based on the Rick and Morty D&D  rpg
 More weasels for my clan, i think they would make great Gnolls
 Mythic pantheon heroes nice   figures
 Character bats characters
  Mythic pantheon snakes and monsters

  Mythic pantheon beasts and  villains
 The great lion from  Mythic pantheon, beautiful miniature

 Zombiecide Invader black OPs beast fantastic creature
  Mythic pantheon hounds , exceptional miniatures
  Mythic pantheon Yimr  a brilliant  figure it ome with 2 alternate heads, a joy to paint

  Mythic pantheon hounds i will use them as Chrono hounds for Frostgrave
Frost grave Snake men I do like these alot great sons of Set
Halfling goth vampire hunter one I had to buy

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  1. Great start to the year Tony, with some outstanding models in there