Thursday, 25 March 2021

Path of the Monsters (Palaeo Diet, eat or be eaten game)


Played quite a few games of Palaeo Diet (eat or be eaten ) solo game by Nic wright and after reading the wonderful AARs on the lead adventure blog from Katsuhiko using firearms and conquistadors, I re read and decided to give it my worlds 
Used a basic idea to cross a monster infested wood land the Brave Sir Wolff and his party need to escape into the interior seeking the treasure of the mystical frogmen.. 

Sir Wolff and his party enter the  valley
A Musket man takes aim at a mighty beast blocking there path he injures the  beast but awakens all the surrounding creatures to there arrival.
Lord Luther is charged by another huge creature his pistols failing to even dent the beasts hide he is wounded by the beast.
A second musket man is charged by two raptors who rip the poor soul apart.
Mad Jane moves and take aim her shot is a critical
the beast drops like a mountain
Sir  Vermeer rushes to the path cleared
Luther joins them as the bishop Atto binds his wounds they must  press on
an archer tries in vain to pass by another huge beast is sniffs and charges it slays him instantly
Bishop Atto runs off leaving a wounded Jane
Wolff and a musket man are charged by the  monster on the flank it rips apart the musket man
As Jane readies her musket a raptor dives and kills the brave woman

Luther realizes he is the only one left in the valley as Jane is killed  he makes a run for it
the party manages to navigate the Valley loosing four of there party but killing a huge creature and one raptor. they move onto the lost city.

Very fun game and the  system works, next adventure in the works...


  1. Lovely stuff Tony! I keep lingering on the Lost World section of Antediluvian Miniatures and admiring their dinosaurs. Maybe later in the year...

  2. Add someone with Fire to your party and watch those predators run ;)

  3. What a fun looking game, and great chance to get some cool toys on the table! Thanks for sharing this