Saturday 18 November 2023

Refurbished Wargame/Painting/ Art, man cave

After many years I decided to update my Man cave, I had a lot of stuff believe me. I cut down a lot of my miniatures And set out what i needed, easy access to my boxes of miniatures and books and painting set up. Clearing out then painting the walls a new, I got some Ikea shelving and book case with 2 tables one for my Computer and one to paint and use for games. Russell and Graham helped assemble the shelving and position the  units, It took me about 2 days just to put my boxes and books in position.

But finished so far I am very happy and grateful for my Son's help, so at last can paint draw and  play games, all my terrain is here and  rules along with the book shelf where I can just pull one out to use..

Retirement enhanced...


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