Monday 1 November 2010

Battle of Whitechapel

The battle takes place in the rebel district of Whitechaple, the puritan forces have gathered there assult force,and lead by the agents of the Etanobie have resigned to crush the defenders once and for all.

Captain Black with his agents mass the assult force of puritan elite troopers.

The whitechapel defenders are supported by the American free Air Core who gather baracades.

The assult troops make a probe inot the defences, the defenders give fire.

Forced back the assult troops are reinforced and return
heavy vollys into the defenders lines

Crippeling fire takes a tool on the ranks and the Air core opens fire hoping
to drive off the assult troops

Flanked the air core is decimated by the new threat

Shoot down the leaders of the rebels take the positon of the fallen

Captain Black sends forward his heavy machine gun and its
apperance is un observed by the defenders who are engaged
in the flanks and centre, It tears into the defences cutting
down all in its path.

The leaders are forced to back away in to the buildings
leaving the flank exposed.

Only a few defenders remain on the baracade as Black moves
in for the kill, the machine gun cutting them own where they
valiantly stand, falling to a man.

Triumphant Black enters the defence of whitechapel his
mission a success, the defenders broken and there will to fight
removed ..

Played using THW rules larger than life, the game, was a
enjoyable romp, and played very well...

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