Thursday 31 May 2012

FOW Operation Sealion part 2 "The Train"

Ran the second game of FOW today in the Sealion Campaign
this time Somerset was the location.
We decided and urged by Steve of WWPD I used my new Train,
picking a panzer grenadier unit and my mate had his US tank
The sceanario was surrounded so the train became the centre
line defence, the US armour attacking from both sides

The GErma advance force occupies the village holding the
train lines

The 1/2 track panzer grenadiers sat and waited in the vehicle

The US armour and artillery get in position

As the train arrives the US tank destroyes advance to get good
The mighty beast trumbles inot the village

US armoured rifles move to take the left side of the road
The shermas on the left engage the PZIVs from an hill top
The rigth shermans and HQ advance and engage
thepanzer grenadiers in the woods right of the train
a brutal fire figththe shermas fail and loose 2 tanks
to the troops only the command remains holding his
panzerfaust that served him well

The train opens up on the US army
Taking fire it returns like a battle ship, the german scouts
make a play for the objectives

A lone pz38 stalks the remaing sherma HQ fires and his shot is
saved bt he is behind them now
The German puma's fire on the US motor rifles

The train moves up to a better field of fire pouring shells
and machine guns but only holding the US
The shermans bail the pz38 but he climbs back in realising
they did no damage
The US tank destroyer pick off the train cars but are traded in shots
The US motot rifles charge the pumas to be repulsed
The pz38 knocks out a tank destroyer causeing the whole
unit to flee
The panzer VIs take too much fire and back off the field
The train is shoot to pieces byt he US tanks and guns
the HQ again tried to destroy the pz38 to no avail
The motor rifles take the pumas out after a long fight
The train is abandoned and the German take ther leave of
the village the US are the winners
The train is left burning in the village
Hero fo the day the pz38 he never stopped and took out a
unit alone
The game was real fun to play, using the train for the first time
it a monster and can cause a heck of alot of damage. we all
enjoyed the battle..
Evry FOW is different and what wargame should be fun