Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Operation Sealion Battle of Skegness beach FOW

Part of the FOW world wide Campaign run by the great
WWPD guys, I chose the German strom company to hit
Skegness beach, the defenders were the home guard and
the defence force, played to the rules for the game, i
used some old plastic pontoon boats for my barges, taking
some panzer 2 fitted with swimming booms.

how the town tunred out i got a google map and made the
closest i could.

2 large ponds are on the sand break side of the beach

a radar station denoted an objective in the hinterland

The AUOP defenders make ther plans to recive the Bosh.

The home guard HQ

Teh home guard wait inthe trenches

The Germans first wave appoched the Panzer II wallow
in the shore line

Infantry storm of the barges
2 panzer II make it the sea wall the rest are delayed in
the shore line
Bombardments keep the defenders head down
The panzer II;s get swallowed bu the sea and sink
The bunker 17 pounders make short work of a tank
HMG arrive to give fire power to the attackers
Storm troopers hit the sea wall and wait to move over inot the
barb wire and defences
The HO=MG try to duel with the trench defneders and
HMG boxes
A stroke of luck training Crusader tanks arrive to support
the defenders
The storm toppers breach the wire and attack the trench
line of the home guard
Afeter a bloody short engagement the home guard fall back
giving fire, theold guys and young lads wont let the Nazi' swine
a step closer
More home gurad arrive running to the beach lines to defend
the home of the King
The germa second wave storm troopers advance over the sea
wall inot the barb wire to reinforce there comrades
Mortorcycle teams become stuck on the beach , they
planned to ride inot the town to engage the enmey but
are held by fire and the soft sand
The German pionners and remaing tanks advance on the radar
station under heavy enemy fire

The home guard prepare to charge back to take there trenches
aided by the new arrives tanks

The Germans are wiped out to a man and home guard
return to the trench , now there blood is up
The pioneers clear the defenders of the trenches but find
all around is lost, under fire thye return to ther barges the
attack a close cut thing, but the bravery of the home guard
has proved too much for Gitlers stormtroopers this day.
Tea and scones all round, and the immortal words
"they do not like it up em!"

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  1. I just got to say that the table look AWESOME. Thanks for the pics and the batrep :D