Saturday 15 September 2012

FOW rockets, TLS characters & Last of the Mohicans

FOW Russian rocket battery Zvezda plastic rockets trucks
Peter pig crew men i belive it cost me 1/4 of what id have
to pay for Battle front minis and a lot less time glue and

CD games Time lift characters and Dr Argo
Blue moon damsels in distress
Free figure at Partizan he is going in almost all my armys
Magua just love the character and this mini from
conquest games Warlod stand, I removed his musket
so he can lead my Conan picts or any of my Gaslight games
rest of the Last of the Mohicans set very nice minis


  1. Wow a nice selection of figures for all sorts of games and periods nicely done mate.

  2. A nice eclectic bunch, good variety. Loved Wes Studi's Magua, excellent movie.