Saturday 22 September 2012

Gaslight: Tarzan and the Cult of the Red Devistation

As promised Tarzan in action  with Gaslight
her is  the man himself Jane and Cheeta

Korak and his  gang

Tantor the mighty
The  seer  witch Runna

The Red hood and his 2 pet Crocs

Coast pirates and bad men

The temple the witch will  make an opening for the old ones to come through they have captured a white girl off a steam ship and plan to use her as  sacrifice

Jane arrives with the lions

They charge int the cultist  ripping a bloody path
The Red hod  enters the fray his Croc battle the lions and Jane

Tarzan make his entrace

The Crocs bodys are like steel to the lions jaws

Tarzan makes short work of the first Croc and the tide changes

the second Croc is no match for the lord of the jungle
Tantor arrives and charges in straight at the cultist

He batters the cultist like flies as theyswarm over him

Tarzan takes on a  pack of Cultist the chimps join in
Jane  wipes out the  cultist  sacrificers in a single sweep the lions   take on the rest

The mighty Tantor falls to machine guns and pistols

Jane confronts the  witch on the  tomb top

The Red hood uses his powers to stop a lion

Jane is surrounded by the pirates
A huge pirate knocks her out and the  Cultist charge in

The  apes arrive and  charge

Tarzan takes out the last of the cultist who faced him

 The mighty apes attack the pirtates fists and teeth against pistols and swords
 Sacrifice complete

 The Deamon arrives

 the remaining cultist  are no match for Tarzan

Another pack of Apes arrives

 The Deamon attack Tarzan is he now doomed?

 the pirates fall to the apes ferocity

They join ther elord in the battle the deamon is outnumbered

It falls and the witch also is downed
 the Red hod makes his escape persued by the apes

 the  final  momnet of the evil man
Enjoyed again my Gaslight and fun to use different models


  1. Too much fun!
    Three cheers for the apes!

  2. Great AAR. Enjoyed the pictures and the report>

  3. That is one ace Batrep mate. Really cracking looking game and miniatures

  4. Wow - what a busy game!! Some lovely looking minis there. Was this more than two players?


    1. used the bolt action dice for activation in place of my dice and 6 playingcards it worked very well. thanks for looking

  5. A cracking game! Hurrah for Tarzan and the Apes!