Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Monster, Snake men, Gold mine & Garden painted up

 Latest painted efforts this is a Crooked Dice  monster called the Destroyer brilliant miniature and will fit into many games i plan
 And some more Tekumel project miniatures this time the dreaded Qól fantastic snake men this is theThe Temple of Ksarul's  
 more snake men in the colours of the  Lord of Change
 and  some in the colours of the Lord of Worms

 Great fantasy Gothic horror miniatures

 My Ainsty gold mine i wanted this for along time and Andy always deliver a great set, maybe some more work later I don't know too much can ruin a terrain piece

 Another of my wants the Games workshop Garden of Morr, this is  a fantastic set all separate bits so has multiple uses


  1. Wow, great work....that Statue would be great for my Supers gaming and that gold mine is amazing. I drift back and forth wanting that....the shipping here to the US is killer, but I think I found a US outlet now...

  2. the gold mine is worth it belive me