Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cannon wargame show Retford

 Spent a good few hours at the Cannon war game show at Retford, in the town hall and it was  a smashing  event, enjoyed the tables and  stalls and chat, here is some pictures if i missed any please excuse me, brilliant time and  day!
 28mm WW2 battle  looked really nice and some great miniatures

 Large scale IHMN game so a few  pics I had too, was told it was part of a campaign and some  superb miniatures on view

 A bolt action game  again nice miniatures

 AWI from Newark i think  brilliant

 Hail Caesar looked good
 A 40k battle
 Tiger ships  
 WW2 desert battle FOW 
A zombie game great terrain and miniatures looked good fun also.


  1. Some great looking boards thanks for sharing them mate!

  2. I enjoyed the show. The standard of games was better than some of the larger shows I've been too.