Wednesday 16 April 2014

Captain Smith and the temple of death (IHMN)

 Tried my new dungeon  walls on old D&D maps today for our IHMN,  "Bad jack" was the scenario and he was the huge  moving statue in the temple, he would move random till he saw or was shot at. The  slaves tied up were collateral damage and  could loose you the game is 6 were hit, 
 a temple of death guarded by a terror, the Texas rangers have at last located the  place where the missing  waggons go, the Kult of the Serpent need to clean out and make all forgotten before there plans are reviled
 Serpent men (Tekumel project Qol wonderful) 
 Captain Smiths men armed to the teeth determined to  stop whatever is going off
 Huyck the  guardian patrols the temple of Death

 The snake men enter to  remove all trace of there existence in the USA
 Captain smiths party  enters the  temple

 No lines of sight and horror awaits the law men

 the Snake men split into 2  groups to flank the law men hoping to avoid Huyck
 Captain smith enters the main hall to his  mind the place is of  nightmares
 Kalla the Snake man leader tries to use his dark powers
 His Kult hides and makes ready

 Huyck stalks the snake men who run and hide where possible from his  shadow

 they avoid and  hope to out run the  mighty guardian

 the law men engage the snake men on the flank
 Huyck confronts Kalla who  makes a dash out of the  monsters  weapons

 Smith moves deeper into the temple
 the poison arrows of the snake men hope to find the targets
 a marksman take place
 Snake men appear from all side and  shots are fires and arrow fly
 a ranger is drooped by the lethal arrows

 a snake man is felled by the rangers fire

 Smith shots one of the  Kults deadly pets
 Huyck attacks another
 Smith turns and fires at a snake man who appears behnd him
 the evil one is  killed
 the Dr starts to try to revive a fallen Ranger
 Huyck slays another cobra
 a blade wielding snake man is felled by 2 rangers
 tight  bends and cover makes the temple a  bad place to even try to fight in

 A snake man runs and is felled by the mighty Huyck
 blades and knives flash in the middle of the temple
 Kulla tries his dark powers
 the snake men are outnumbered on the flank
 Kulla is shot dead by the marksman

 Smith is suddenly struck down also by a poison blade
 the battle goes against the  snake men now even though both leaders are out of the game

 outnumbered they fall fast

 gunfire and care takes it toll on the evil ones

 the marksman picking his targets he becomes the  grim reaper

 the last snake man is surrounded and  taken down 
 Victory to the forces of Law
 all the snake men were removed
 Ranger casualty's
Fantastic game and fun the snake men were a new company and did  OK but need a few tweaks and  twists, great table and fun the roaming statue was a night mare to play around


  1. Excellent layout this! Pulp heaven!

  2. Awesome batrep. The map tile looks great with all the walls added to it top job mate.