Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Count Zero and the floating island of the Amazons

 Wicked weather so decided on a game i had in my head for ages, using  Howard Whitehouse Astounding tales again (its easy and works fine for me in my strange worlds i create).
Count Zero and his  motley gang of villains plan to  revel the hidden  lands of the  Amazons of  Luna and using his Either flyer he plans to  wreak the cloaking shield there fore   relieving the island and all its treasures he can plunder. the Amazons plan to engage him in the air using there flyers and some tricks and suprises for the  man called the "Devil himself"
 Count Zero aided by his  female slayer the  psychotic  Verina strikes to the floating island 
 The Amazon queen and her braves  will stop him 

  2 flyers (Ironclad miniatures) loaded with Amazons
 the heavely armed  villans  know there fire power out strips the Amazon bows and courage
 the floating idol it power devices the location of the  land of Luna
 as Zeros  ship draws close the Amazons appear and  his  men open fire on the flyers

 Gun shots fail to stop the advancing  flyers but  Zeros ship get close
 The queens flyer lands fisrt and her braves rush to attack the invaders
 the second flyer  out flanks and her crew hope to board the  Ironship the  champion ugers her  braves to strike without mercy to the invaders
 the  Amazon braves fire on the  villains dropping some to there poisen arrows others seek hand to hand
 Zeros men fall  Verina scream for the  crew to "shoot them down you worthless idiots" she  jumps the gap on to the floating island to face the  Amazons herself
 2 Braves fall to the  lead from the crew
 the second flyer  pulls along side as the captin in the iron flyer gives the order to "repel boarders" the Amazons  fire and charge jumping the gap one girl falls to her doom
 Verina cuts down a Amazon her deadly skills no match to the brave
 the Iron ships crew are taken some fall as the Amazon champion leaps aboard 
 gun fore rakes the  red flyer and some are taken down but the fight presses on
 Zero jump and  fires on the  amazon his deadly  pistols  killing all before him
 as he is empty he surveys he  got all the Amazons in his sights
 Verina slays another  girl then looks to her new prey the Amazon Queen
 the Amazon champion aboard the  iron ship  shudder then is transformed into a deadly wear beast who charges and rips open a crew man without  mercy

 the Amazons show there  secret
 Verina and the Queen face off both skilled ther blows are blocked and dodged
 a lone amazon takes out a crewman
 the champion dives and charges Zero who casually turns and face then fires stopping dead the  fearful beast woman
 the Queen transform's as her champion as the lone Amazon strikes Verina who's blade cuts her down enough distraction for the Queen to fell the insane  woman
 the Queen sees Count Zero and offer a challenge
 the Despot  shoots her down with his pistols without mercy or care
 the Iron ship Captin emerges and shoots the last  Amazon down victory to Count Zero, he deactivates the cloaking shield now he will plunder the Amazons island???
Loads of fun and  worked very well again, i like the system alot....


  1. Looks like a fun game. Where did that head come from? It's great

  2. Great report. I imagine it rather smells a lot like wet dog on that island.

  3. The head is from Ainsty castings