Sunday, 4 January 2015

Last painted of 2014

 Happy new year to all who come and look at my efforts. Started new year blog with the  briliant Pulp alley miniatures from statuesque, i have to say the models are perfect very nice to paint and  look great
 Abouve are 2 wonderful  miniatures from White knight blog page ( 
 This is from an idea on the LAF the Rani  repaint of a heroclix
 Avatars of war Blood vestals i got the preview set of 30  a bit fiddly to stick but look good finished  more to my shadow army Im building

 Perry dismounted knights again just whats on the box and worth the cost  perfect for any game or sysytem

 Perry again  part of my DAK bolt action army, don't know if i captured the look i wanted but time will tell