Wednesday 2 December 2015

Frostgrave ,Thaw of the Lich Lord painted

 As part of the Nickstarter I had to have  some new miniatures, here is my results at painting the ones I received.
 The cultists are perhaps one of the best plastic sets i have  ever had the joy to  stick together, loads of character and  pose. 
 I did have a varnish problem but  hope it does not show


  1. I've been considering getting some of those cultists, so it's good to know they are a nice kit. How do they size up against non-frostgrave figures as other photos made things like the hands look quite chunky?

  2. they match with most of my miniatures and are average perhaps a bit larger than perry plastics but GB and fireforge are no problem

  3. Very nicely done, and done a lot quicker than mine. Very nice.