Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Old Dungeons and Dragons player characters art and a Tekumel one

 Many great memories of my times with good company playing Dungeons and Dragons, we developed some  wonderful stories and adventures which pehaps only other D&D gamers can ever comprehend. 
I have been working on bringing them up to the  end of the year 2015 with my art work and thoguht i would share my art. 
Above is the Warmaster Wolff Blackmaine with Fear fang the  dire Wolf and Una Tye the Assassin
 Red Boris a dwarf of renown and hero to all
 Tablet the Dwarf and again Una Tye a devastating pair of characters
 Long time villain and  force to be reconed with the Majesty of the Broo Queen, she caused so much trouble in many adventures also chased poor Ranamok all over the globe after he spurned her advances
 The  evil one himself  Lord Zytra of the Mind flayers, a true bad guy in all sense, I have in my head the rest of the characters and will lay them to image soon.
Howard Fielding is the Tekumel Guru to me and  a good friend, this is for  the world he works so hard on.