Tuesday, 9 February 2016

R.I.P Wayne England

I just came home from work to read this news
"This is waynes wife victoria ,i,m afraid i,m the bearer of very sad news ,today my husband and loving father of harry and millie england passed away ,as you can imagine we are totally devastated ,so we will be off line for the next few days,"

Iam lost for words, shocked to the core actually, he was a good man and one I called friend, his art was legend, iconic and influential to so many. I spent last old hammer day at Foundry in his great company and Victoria's , at night we had the pleasure also with him at Bryans Birthday party again good solid company....

My thought to his family and respect to the man who made us wonder at his talent....


  1. Sad news indeed, Thoughts to the family and all his friends at this very sad time.

  2. Very sad news. My thoughts are with you, Tony, and his family and friends.

  3. Very sad news. He was a massive inspiration throughout my art exams and coursework

  4. Very saddened and shocked to hear this news. Thoughts go out to you and the family. Do pass on our condolences if you can.