Friday, 12 February 2016

Conan, pirates and MalifuX painted and a nice gift

 After a terrible week I took some pictures of my latest paint work, i find i must now use my magnifier on most things I hope some improvement ? Here is an avatars of war miniature i saw instantly as Conan so  had to get him, huge nice solid miniature.
 2 freebooters fate miniatures i wanted for along time Mrs Juanhjo ans Samuel  Juanhjo wonderful to my collection
 Another  Killjoy I think I have 3 now this is the latest from Wyrd he is a very imposing miniature and loads of fun to paint
 2 Executioners  again from Wryd to my guild company great looking miniatures

And last  but not least my friend Jason of the ERBAAA Group sent me a printed collection of some fo the artists who contribute some of my art is featured in there

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