Sunday 24 April 2016

Salute 2016 painted minis

 After my trip to Salute 2016 I bought a few miniatures I wanted and  finished some off today, the wonderful Hasslefree mage is just a perfect miniature 
 A Reaper Vampiress, another to mu collection of beautiful undead.
 A freebooters fate  mecenary i think the  partner is still getting finished , to me a superb all round miniature with loads of character and attitude.
 Well i been after this since I first saw the image Other world hell maiden ?
 And two must buys Hyenadrons  large great miniatures 
 A reaper monster just a great thing for many games

 And the mighty Other world Orcus  a must old school monster in style and content , 
 For Sizes yes he is a big lad 


  1. Wonderful, Tony! I shall look forward to seeing them all in action!

  2. There is an awful lot there I DO like. Love the Hyenadrons and all the C'Thulu stuff. So fast and so very well painted!

  3. I haven't even got anything I bought at Salute out yet!

  4. Fabulous work dude. They all look excellent!