Tuesday 12 April 2016

Temple of Set miniatures, Vikings & more

 I finished of my wonderful Dark Fable Temple of Set miniatures  and thought I would share, always love the collections this time some  fantastic favorites. hope I did them justice?
 Heroes well they will be in my games along with the  great Evil one 
 A nice Reaper miniature i had to buy again as i could not find the original i had.
 A reaper Bones i could not resist. brilliant miniature
 And  well another one  a Reaper bones Cube fantastic 
 Some eye candy shots I took
 "you will all drown in rivers of blood defilers"
 And  Blood Eagle addition to my collection, lovely Wargames foundry miniatures loads of character , but Iam biased as i help concept these long ago

 this is a re- paint of an original Land raider  from the past to add to my Sons of Hourus a bit batered but  I like the thing (i have 3 original Rhinos there next)


  1. You've been busy!! So many lovely figs...and beautifully painted!

  2. So many great models added to your collection. Well done sir!