Wednesday 20 July 2016

AOS Tree- Revenants and Murder of Crowz

 The new AOS Sylvaneth army caught my attention, wonderful new ideas and  inspiration to games, I bought 2 boxes of the Tree Revenants making a unit of 10 very nice  plastics who have  a unique look and style. Again watching the painting video  I set about  trying to make them look how I wanted, here is the result I wil perhaps add some  more base foliage when I go t a convention and see what I like. I will add to this army as we enjoy AOS very much/

 Been looking at this set from Zombicide for quite a time to add some wild life to my games, a fellow blogger Dalauppror showed his  collection and i had to buy.  Crows are one of my favourite birds, the Murder of Crowz set has 15 bases of  models  and yes its a flock, I found painting them  easy the plastic is not like anything I have encountered before. Expect then to appear in many of my games Blood eagle to name a few. Very impressed by  Zombiecide and will shove me to buying Black Plauge when the funds allow.

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