Monday 21 November 2016

Blood-Maw, chaos warriors and a Nokiluka, painted up

 Treated myself and  ordered some of the  miniatures from Mierce, I wanted the huge Blood maw for a time and well he is worth it!, hulking monster  great to paint and will feature in my games.

 This one is  a gift from Dave Stone and wargames terrain workshop Nokiluka fantastic and strange enough for my worlds

 Another Mierce miniature  huge  Barbarian, also great to paint 

 Armoured chaos babe which well could not resisit she paints up great as all the line do.
 Chaos warrior type just a great miniature loads of character and attitude.

All painted using Foundry paints and some GW  enjoyable to work on


  1. Lovely stuff...all of it! And the beasties are truly terrifying!

  2. That Blood Maw is very impressive. I could easily use it in Horor games (Call of C'thulhu)

  3. Great work as always Tony, don't know how you get so many models painted in such a short time span !

  4. Very nice mate awesome looking minis