Wednesday 7 June 2017

Sons of Horus and Custodians painted up

 We had a great day at Warhammer world  never been, the venue is  stylish and exact, good staff and a joy to see all the miniatures in the  display cases and some plastics I had never seen at all, forge world was part was just a mind blowing  display of the   miniatures  and yes i spent a bit on things, the display and games area was  outstanding and some fantastic tables to game on, The Bugmans bar was delight very nice food and service. all round and great place for wargamers to visit . Yes i will go again.
 So on to painting with the new 9th edition coming up I at least finished off part of my sons of Horus collection, Keven gave me a dread body and I bought the weapon arms I think its great and  a very nice miniature to paint
Loken  part of the character series i wanted this guy for along time his opponent coming soon. 
 Im adding to my 40K with these custodians   huge miniatures loads of character
 I also had to get the upgrade weapons for them
 Wanted  an assault squad so here they are MK3 weapons , interesting and fun to put together and  look exactly like I wanted
All added and  the next part is my forge world buys which is  a tank and another Dread

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