Saturday, 6 August 2022

BOYL 2022 part 2 Saturday 6th August


Well day 2 and many more gamer, the tables were filled and  on lookers and guests arrived through the day, i took as many pictures as I could, the games and miniatures were  beyond amazing, scenarios and  battles from many publications. The "we don't run a painting competition" had perhaps the best entry's, I have seen in the last 9 years and judges task was  extremely difficult.... the  gathered picture above shows perhaps a part of the  people who enjoyed the day.

We had some guests make an appearance and  talk and infuse people playing games they  were a part off. I try to remember Jervis, Rick, Trish, Alan and more who names I forget but I think they were pleased to see there products from long ago being used and enjoyed. Also my friends  who company is part of my excellent day, far to many to mention...

As always a huge thank you to Bryan, Diane, Marcus, Lucy,Alicia, Sam and others who provided us with all we could wish for. my dear buddy and co-conspirator Garth who runs the whole thing.

And a special thank you to my dear friends for a wonderful gift they gave me, Jimmy, Ewelina and  Anya, who made my day, it meant very much to me/ (picture at the very end)
And to the great comments and words I received from people and comrades